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The OK Compost label, from the certification body TUV Austria, indicates that the product is suitable for industrial composting and meets the stringent requirements of the European standard EN 13432.
Products carrying this label from the certification body TUV Austria can be composted at home. For instance, they can be put on the compost heap in a garden. This is because they compost at lower temperatures than used for industrial composting.
Duni is an FSC® certificate holder, FSC-C014985, meaning the great majority of our tissue-based products come from wood fibres sourced from responsibly managed FSC certified forests.



We have set tough sustainability goals and made a clear commitment to meet the trust our customers have shown in Duni’s products being produced in an ethical, safe and environmentally sound way.

In practice this means to have the organization, policies and procedures to make it an integrated part of how we work. In the report below you will find details on Duni and CSR to provide you with the information you need. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further question you may have!