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oven bag
biobox 2-compartment
ronda divider
Coppa lid certified paperboard
Grey cpet menu
sip lid sugarcane fibre


Oven Bags

Our oven bags, made from FSC™-certified grease resistant paper, come in three practical sizes and make the heating of sandwiches, pizza slices, focaccias and the like easier than ever.

Have a look at our oven bags


BioBox 2-compartment

Theese practical boxes are made from FSC™-certified paperboard​ and have a built-in divider which makes it possible to seperate the food.

Have a look at BioBox 2-compartment


Ronda divider

The Ronda divider is a flexible compartment solution for our popular Ronda bowls. An easy way to separate the food – just fold the flat divider and then place it into the bowl.
Have a look at the Ronda divider 500ml and 1300ml


Coppa lid

New sustainable lids to go with our Coppa range. The lids are made from FSC™-certified paperboard and coated with plant-based PLA bioplastic.
Have a look at our Coppa lids 250/350ml and 500ml


Grey cpet menu

This sealable tray is a smart choice when you want to offer your customer a premium product made from 100% recycled material. The elegant grey color highlights the food and makes it look extra appetizing, while the matte surface gives a feeling of quality and sustainability.

Have a look at our Grey CPET range


Sugarcane sip lid

Introducing a sustainable sip lid made from unbleached sugarcane fibres, fitting common cup sizes. The lid can be used for serving cold and hot drinks up to 90˚ C.

Have a look at our sugarcane sip lid


Click on the link below and let us know which products you are interested in and we'll send you some samples, free of charge. If you’d like a sales presentation or if you have any questions, please let us know by clicking the link. Our team is standing by to help you.