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...but sustainably please!

Responsible customers nowadays expect not only well thought-out but also environmentally friendly packaging solutions. This is a challenge for restaurant operators that should not be underestimated. Not least because of stricter legislation on single-use plastic and mandatory reusability, expectations are high and the industry is under pressure. What may seem simple and self-evident at first glance often turns out to be a complex task on closer inspection. What do I pack and how? What is the most sustainable solution, what is practicable, what suits my business? In the end, the gastronomic concept, the take-away menu and the packaging solution have to fit together perfectly in order to guarantee economic efficiency, user-friendliness and sustainability in the sense of a visionary take-away culture.


Duni offers a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions under the BioPak brand. Renewable raw materials such as sugar cane fibre, cardboard or wood, but also recycled PET already reduce the CO2 footprint enormously thanks to the avoidance of fossil raw materials such as plastic and EPS! BioPak neutralises the remainder by supporting CO2 projects.
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How you can save CO2 with BioPak

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